Buck Angel Buck’d Lube Injector


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The Demon Kat Lube Injector quickly turns most lube bottles into a lube injector. It makes vaginal and anal lubing much easier for everyone no matter the reason.

The 4” (10cm) interchangeable plastic injector comes with a small and large lube
bottle cap. The injector has comfortable finger pump holds, that lets you inject the
perfect amount of lubricant with no back flow. The injector also comes with a
sanitary storage/travel cap. The hose attachment can be cut to fit multiple size

Care Instructions:

This product is safe with all lubricants, is completely hypoallergenic, non-irritating and compatible with sensitive skin. Wash thoroughly after each use with soap, warm water and/or toy cleaner. Pat dry and allow to completely air dry. Store separately from other toys.

Made of ABS plastic, for novelty use only.

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