Royal Thrusting Vibrating Prostate & Perineum Massager – Black


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Coming with a curved rounded end and a contoured base, Royal pays full attention to triggering the P-spot arousal sensation and putting the perineum in a super comfort state. The lifting textured ball tickles the bottom of the scrotum simultaneously, perfectly sending playful bliss to most. Join ROYAL and discover unexpected enjoyment.
Featuring a sculpted angled rounded end, the prostate massager surges up and down in 9 thrusting motions to rub the G-spot with raised beads at the side. Combining with 9 vibrating modes, the lifting textured ball can reach the perineum and the bottom of the scrotum with ease, leading you into longer-last and more intense comfort. Unlock a new P-spot orgasmic experience by switching through the setting until you find your favorite intensity. Immerse in never-ending prostate and perineum pleasure with ROYAL‘s honey love.
Use the prostate sex toy solo or with a partner to explore its more thrilling potential. Feel the vibrations on the perineum and the bottom of the balls, and savor the thrusting at the prostate. Satisfy yourself deeply with overwhelming stimulation. Your heart will throb with excitement and your breath will be taken in unrivaled pleasure. Hand over the remote control and enjoy unexpected bliss.
One Year Warranty.

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