Sport Fucker Thunder Plug Large – Blue


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After more than a year in the making, Sport Fucker has released its revolutionary new Thunder Plug in a larger size. This butt plug actually TAPS your prostate as you move! There is a three part interior which creates a deep, penetrating thud. The thin neck and ergonomic flange were designed to be worn all day. When worn for an extended period of time, the constant and steady tapping on the prostate will slowly and steadily cause your cock to leak. Try and find another plug to do that! “The shape doesn’t seem to make sense at first, until you use it. It’s our favorite plug.
Material: Silicone
Total length: 5.5″ or 139mm
Neck length: 2″ or 50mm
Bulb Diameter: 2.25″ or 57mm
Bulb Circumference: 7.75” or 196mm

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Weight0.46 lbs
Dimensions3.500 × 2.500 × 7.750 in