P-Rock Prostate Massager – Black


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Get ready to rock and roll with the P-Rock Prostate Massager. This innovative new prostate massager for men is the perfect sex toy to use, whether alone or with a playmate. Its unique, curved design is ideal for simultaneous prostate and testicular stimulation, so prepare to have your mind completely blown!

The anal probe has a convenient push button operation for the powerful vibrating motor to be operated. Once it’s on, you will be treated to an intense orgasm like no other, as the anal vibrator hits all of the right spots.

It is moulded from unscented silicone, which means that it is not only soft and pliable; it is also durable and safeto use. It can be manipulated to suit the shape of your body so that you can be guaranteed a toe-curling orgasm no matter what your shape or size.

Due to its silicone make-up, this vibrating anal massageris extremely easy to clean, making hygiene simple once you have finished using the massager.

Use theanal sex toy in conjunction with one of our many water-based lubes to ensure ease of entry, then just lie back and let the P-Rock Prostate Massager do the rest!

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